Choosing your options:  

  This is where you let me know what you want done to your camera. If you are not sure, or have questions about anything concerning any of these services, don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss your options before ordering. There may be other options not listed below that are available; please contact me with any questions concerning other possible combinations.

  There are two basic services that I provide. A monochrome conversion is the removal of the CFA from the sensor, while the IR conversion is simply the removal of the Color Correcting (CC) filter. An IR (Infrared) conversion of a specified wavelength requires installation of an IR filter at a wavelength of your choosing and has a longer process time. This last option works best when the CC filter has also been removed allowing shorter exposure times.

  The chart below shows the various combinations available in regards to the two conversions that I do. The Full-Spectrum Monochrome Conversion gives you all of the available options. There is one other option not listed, see Special Ultra-Wide Angle Lens setup at the  bottom of this page to learn more. A fused silica glass cover over the sensor is also available to allow UV light photography.

  Do not hesitate to ask me any questions, I would love to help you in choosing or explaining your options.

Selecting your conversion type with options

1. CFA removal and/or Full-Spectrum IR conversion:

These options are recommended and give you the most out of your camera when doing a monochrome conversion.

  • Remove CFA from sensor (monochrome conversion)
  • Remove CC filter A (Full-Spectrum IR conversion) *
  • Remove OLP/AA filter B (Increase resolution) *
  • Reinstall protective window C over sensor
  • Align sensor plane to lens axis
  • Adjust sensor depth (back focus)
Current Pricing for These services in US dollars:
  • NEX series (APS-C)
    • 5, 5N, 5R & 5T ____ $400
    • 6 & 7 ____ $425
  • a series (APS-C)
    • a5000, a5100, a6000, a6300 & a6500 ____ $475
  • alpha series (Full Frame)
    • 7, 7s & 7R ____ $700
  • alpha Mark II series (Full Frame)
    • a7-II, a7s-II, a7R-II____$750
  • alpha Mark III
    • a7R-III____$800

Upgrade: Fused Silica glass protective window (layer C) for UV light, +$60

Option: install selected wavelength IR filter at layers A&B, +$100

NOTE: The AR coated protective window (layer C) is now standard for all conversions

* Both layers A and B must be removed to gain the full spectrum conversion. 

2. Full-Spectrum IR conversion and retain color feature of the camera:
  • Remove CC & OLP filter (layers A&B)
  • Adjust sensor depth (back focus)

All full frame cameras, $300; all APS-C cameras, $250

You will want to have a CC filter that you can fit over the front of your lens when a Visible light image is desired. Color balance will be slightly different than when using the Sony filters. Simply color balance in the usual way with the new filter in place. 

3. Select wavelength IR conversion, retain color feature of camera:
  • Install IR filter at specified wavelength at layer A/B
  • Adjust sensor depth (back focus)

All full frame cameras, $350; all APS-C cameras, $300


Placing the order

  Because of the nature and complexity of options and combinations, you need to email me with your requested services—better yet, call me. I will then send you a Service Request Form with your chosen options for you to verify and to sign. This form indicates to me that you understand the options listed that I will perform. If not, please ask!

I will need the following information for the Service Request Form:

  • Full name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Serial number of camera (found on bottom of camera body)
  • email address

Payment options

  Payment will be made either via Paypal, or using a check or money order. The check or money order should be payable to Monochrome Imaging Services, and should be sent with the camera. Once a check has cleared (it will take ten business days), the camera will be shipped to you using the address provided on the Service Request Form. A flat fee of $25 is added to all orders to cover return shipping & handling, but insurance above $500 will cost extra.

Important! Do not pay for any services until you have signed and understand the options listed on the Service Request Form. 


  Once the Service Request Form has been signed and verified by you, you can ship the camera to me using this address:

Monochrome Imaging Services
5520 NE 43rd WAY
Vancouver, WA.  98661-8314

  • Pack the camera well and insure it for what you think it’s worth—the insurance is up to you, of course.
  • Do not send anything with the camera; no accessories, battery, SD card or strap.
  • You MUST require a signature by me at my end when shipping your camera.
  • The US Postal Service is preferred, as they have given me the best service to date. Please do not use UPS.
  • If you are able to create a return label when shipping the package, that would be very helpful.
  • Please provide me with a tracking number, as this helps with scheduling.
  • Return shipping is $25 in the US and includes $800 insurance—you can increase the amount of insurance.

Receiving your camera

  Once the camera is finished, I will notify you and ship to the address listed on the Service Request Form. Once you receive the camera, use the How To menu to get started with enjoying your monochrome camera.

All the best, and have fun out there. 

Daniel Morrison, Monochrome Imaging Services

All prices are subject to change without notice