Welcome to Monochrome Imaging Servies

  Specializing in the conversion of Sony mirror-less cameras to monochrome (B&W) by removing the Color Filter Array (CFA) from the digital sensor, also known as sensor de-Bayering. I can also convert these cameras to be sensitive to IR light, either Full Spectrum, or at a given wavelength of your choice.

  I am proud to now offer conversion services for the Sony Mark II and Mark III series of cameras. I have converted both the a7R II, and the a7R III to monochrome. Sample images can be seen in the sample galleries menu above.

  Considering the Leica Monochrome? Don’t want to pay the heavy price? Consider this conversion as an alternative. You can use Leica lenses on these Sony cameras, and virtually any lens ever made will adapt. I call this the poor man’s Leica Monochrome. Please look through the Galleries and the Technical section to learn how well the conversion works.

  What are the benefits you should expect from using a converted camera?

  • Increased Resolution & Sensitivity, see “How sharp is a monochrome converted camera?” HERE
  • The camera has a more film-like response; high ISO noise looks more film-like
  • The use of increased ISO with less objectionable effects

  I convert APS-C and full-frame sensors of all resolutions. My recommended conversion is of the Sony a7R II. This model best mimics film’s tonal transitions with its high resolution 42.4 MP full-frame sensor.

  I have successfully converted the Panasonic Lumix DMC-G6. If you would like to convert something other than a Sony, please see this page for more details about the process.

  I currently use the following cameras as demo units for the work on this site: NEX-5N, NEX-5R, NEX-7, a7, a7R and a7R-II

“The A7rII(m) is a sheer joy to use.  Even the humble old Olympus OM 50/1.8 is magical on it!” –Vivek Iyer
“I am very pleased. The photo looks silvery like film, and makes the image sharper.” –Antonius Widjaya, a7R II(m)
I am really glad I did not buy a Leica Monochrome now and I couldn’t be more pleased with the quality of these A7(m) images.” –Gary Benson
“The camera is really brilliant.” –Robert Saltzman, a6300(m)

Current Pricing for Services (USD):

CFA Removal:

  • NEX series (APS-C)
    • 5, 5N, 5R & 5T ____ $350
    • 6 & 7 ____ $425
  • a series (APS-C)
    • a5000, a5100, a6000, a6300 & a6500 ____ $450
  • alpha series (Full Frame)
    • 7, 7s & 7R ____ $625
  • alpha Mark II series (Full Frame)
    • a7-II, a7s-II, a7R-II____$750
  • alpha Mark III (Full Frame)
    • a7R-III____$800

NOTE: All prices now include the AR coated protective cover glass over the sensor.

Other camera brands can also be converted to monochrome, please inquire about converting your Nikon, Fuji, Canon, Lumix or most any other camera.